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desert 1270345 960 720We have walked during 2016, Hebrew year 5776, and we have seen people in and out of our lives and ministries; we have laugh and cried, which is nothing different through the years, it is part of being alive. As a leader of this Network, it has been very difficult at this time in my life to bring this prophetic guide to you, mainly, because as a married couple that love the Lord, pray, fast, enter into intimacy with God, have suffered strong blows throughout this year, however, as we look back, this turmoil that have been taking place in different forms for the past seven years. I then asked myself what is happening prophetically for this extended process of God to take place in my life and the lives of the people of God.

God has revealed to me the following: In prayer, as we go deeply into what the Hebrew year signifies, we find that each Hebrew letter has a numeric meaning and the numbers have a prophetic significance.

With the birth of the year 2017, we begin the seventh year of a cycle of seven years and begins a new cycle of seven years in the time of the kingdom of God. The number that ends in 77, Ayin-Zayin, proclaims that this new cycle in the time of the kingdom of God will be a Year of FULLNESS AND FULLFILMENT.

 The number seven means fullness, fulfillment and perfection,  it also represents the Time of God.  The principle or law, is extracted of the moment of creation, when God decided to bless (sanctify) and separate for himself the seventh day (time, era or cycle).  The  seventh "day" represents the sphere of God's Time, because it characterizes  HIS REPOSE.  God desires that we dwell, repose and remain  in Him from that sphere of Time, to create and have dominion over all creation.  (Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11; Leviticus 23:2-3; Marc 2:23-28; 3:1-5; Mathews 12:9-13; Colossians  2:16--3:4; Hebrews 4:1-13).


AYIN:  The number 70 is represented in the Hebrew alphabet with the letter Ayin, which symbol is an eye,  "vision", the capacity of OBSERVING.  In the Bible the number 70 represent the nations (universality) and the perfect order or spiritual administration and material, but also restoration and wellbeing.  (Numbers 11:16-17, 24-29; Psalms 119:121-128).

ZAYIN:  It is the Seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which originally meant "sword", "sharp weapon"; and because of  its place in the Hebrew alphabet, it  has a numeric value of seven (7), therefore because of its relationship with the cycle of times in the Bible, it is considered that which cuts time or periods of times". Let us look to some examples:

  1. Saturday (Sabbath), the seventh day of a week of seven days.
  2. Pentecost (Shavuot), falls on  the 49th day after Passover (pesaj) or after the seventh  week  or a week of seventh weeks.
  3. Tishri, the seventh month in the year, or one week of seven months.
  4. Shemita, the seventh year for the repose of the earth or a week of seven years.
  5. The Jubilee (yovel), it falls in the year 49 after seven cycles of seven years, or one week of seven weeks of years.
  6. The Milenial Kingdom, the seventh millennium of the entire humanity history, or a cycle of one week of one thousand years.

TIME in the Hebrew is Z'man (zeman), this is very interesting since zeman begins with the Zayin (Z).  (Ezra 5:3; Daniel 3:7, 8; 4:36) it can be translated: season, time, design occasion, station, opportunity (Daniel 2:16, 21; 6:10, 13; 7:12, 22, 25);  this cycle of times (z'man) "cut" or establishing  prophetic times within the economics of the Kingdom of God,  they are cycles and seasons "marked" or established in the Word (Zayin) of God, and mark opportune times (kairos), especially for the people of God in their relationship with the Creator, who established them from the beginning (Genesis 1-2).  That is why God, in his desire to have his people count the days and seasons, commands us to "remember"  His Times of repose and HIs Feasts (Deuteronomy 32:7; Exodus 20:8; Malachi 4:4; Psalms 90:12).  Pay attention that the Hebrew word for season or time (z'man) is related closely with the words "remembrance"(zacher) and "remember" or "reminder" (zicharon), all of them begin with the word Zayin!

NOTE:  The theme is extremely fascinating for those of us who delight in the deep study of the Word of God.  It is impossible to lay out here all the information that I have been able to find and the complexity of all of it.  I recommend that you read the book "The Mystery of the Shemita" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  

THE BIBLICAL MEANING OF THE THREE CYCLES OF 7.  The number 21 is related in the Bible (amongst other things) with the 21 names of God; and in 2 Timothy chapter 3, the apostle makes a list of 21 sins of humanity in these last days.

THE 5,777 begins the seventh year of a cycle of 7 years in the present Hebrew calendar (5770-5777).

  • • The First Jubilee (7x7=49 years + 1 years = 50 years) since the re-conquest of Jerusalem (1967-2017).
  • • The Seventieth Jubilee (70 cycles X 50 years = 3,50 years) since the creation of Israel.
  • • Seventy (70) years since the declaration of the Organization of the United Nations, that permited the creation of the actual state of Israel, the 29th of November 1947, in New York, USA (1947-2017).

Also we see the 2016 (5776)  connected four Cycles of seven years very important:  

  • • 10 cycles of 7 years since the creation of Israel in 1948: 70 years of the Rest of the earth.
  • • 7 cycles of 7 years since the re-conquest of Jerusalem in 1967:  7th Jubilee of Jerusalem.
  • • 3 cycles of 7 years since the great  stellar  signal of Jupiter in 1994.
  • • 70 times 7 cycles of 7 years since the creation of Israel:  70st Jubilee of Israel.
  • • All of this since the seven (7) years of the last decade of Ayin (70)!

THEN, What is it that God is saying to us with reference to this new 2017 year, which begins a new cycle for humanity and for the church of Jesus Christ?

  1. We begin a year of Rest of the emotional and physical struggle we have experience during 2007-2017.
  2. It will be a year Plentiful year of health and finances.
  3. It will be a year of fulfillment - a new cycle of silence and the beginning of a prophetic word that comes to pass.  Prepare yourself to be full of the abundance of God.
  4. You have waited seven years for a promise and this year you will see it come to pass
  5. You will see the truth in the revealed Word of God as never before.
  6. The nations await the abundance of the God that has revealed it to you.  Doors will open to go where you have not been before.
  7. Your life will enter into the complete order of God.  God will organize turmoil in your favor. There will  order  in your finances, in the administration, in the ministry, in the way we do things.  Families who have left you will come back and you will see the restoration of our relationship.
  8. The Holy Spirit will restore all that has been stolen from you and all you have lost, and even those who have betrayed you will come back and relationships will be restored, although all will not stay with you, the friendship will continue.  BECAUSE THIS IS  A YEAR OF RESTORATION.
  9. You will enter into a cycle of prosperity.  There will be a state of prosperity in your life this year.  Time of plenty , a season of fulfillment, a station of perfection to live in repose with Him.

I pray that God will reveal Himself to you through this word and that you continue to study the significance of Ayin Zayin.  God is not a man to lie or the son of a man to change his mind and will not do anything without revealing it to his prophets.

Many blessings to you and yours.

Shalom elechem

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