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The "Christ The King Ministry" was born at 4:55 a.m., on October 18, 2000, in a little room located in "Christ the King Methodist Church" 314 Prospect Avenue, West Grove, Pennsylvania, where I went to preach at an "evangelistic cruzade". 
Later on, I had a date with Apostle Rony Cháves, on March 11, 2003. After two hours and a half, this master of the Apostolic and Profetic, had taught me what was, through all my years in the ministry, the reason why I was called by the Lord. I had been a pastor for almost three decades, inside the pastoral ministry I had traveled as an evangelist, I had exercised as a teacher of the Word, and I had been prophesying for the last 20 years without knowing that I was doing so.
When the Apostole Rony laid hands on me and prayed in the presence of two elders, he issued a prophetic word over my life. "You are a woman of God, a prophet and an apostle to the nations".
After praying, he told me: "You must send a letter to all the ministries and churches that you have established and create an apostolic network, out of gratitude, they have to join the network."
That was the day on which I received the spiritual covering of the Apostle Rony Chaves and his ministry, Avance Minisionero Mundal de Costa Rica. On March 18, 2003, the Christ the King Apostolic Network was established and I was established as its apostle. The Lord told me: "Don't look for them, I will bring them in." and that is the way it was. None of the people I sent, or the churches I built, or the pastors I raised, have joined the network, but the Lord has brought people that were in real need of someone who could guide them, hug them and told them "here I am to help you reach your place in the Kingdom.

On these day we celebrate our first anniversary, with thirteen ministries in the U.S.A and fourteen overseas, some of the ecclesiastic and some para-ecclesiastic, we are still small, a lot of people still don't get the dimension of what this Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry is, but we are educating them. 
We are immensely thankful to God because he has put us under the spiritual covering of a man with trajectory that is worthy of respect, and his anointing has been imparted to an even higher level by making us one of his "heir".
On March 12, 2004, I finally had the joy of receiving, after almost a year, my ordination certificate as an apostle of the United Christian Missionaries Apostolic Network (Red Apostólica de Ministerios Cristianos Unidos) handed to me by my apostle, Dr. Rony Cháves.
Simultaneously, I was given the LatinAmerican Apostoles Coalition's (Coalición de Apóstoles Latinoamericanos) membership after completing the one-week study at the International Apostles School (Escuela Internacional de Apóstoles) that took place in San José, Costa Rica and was directed by our dear Apostle Rony, whose wife, sister Lia, has always been kind, loving and served us without measure, always willing, and always made us feel Christ maternal love towards us.
Loved ones in the Lord:
Blessings in His name. 
Christ the King International Ministry has the spiritual covering provided by the Ministerios Avance's Apostolic Network, whose president is the Apostle Rony Cháves.
While I was in a meeting with our brother Rony on March of 2003 for a few hours, he suggested that I organized an apostolic network with all the people that one way or another have received, or need to received benefits through my ministry, or that have been established by me.
I reach out to you to invite you to be a part of this new vision.
What does it mean to be part of the Apostolic Network?
It means having an spiritual and prophetic covering, which is much needed and implies having access to a person that has 27 years of pastoral experience, a person called to be a prophet to the nations, who would be a blessing for your life. The best part is that if you are part of a denomination or a council, you do not need to leave, because this is an Spiritual Covering, which gives you access to an Apostle, and its guide in any issues of the ministerial life. If you are not part of a council you can also choose to be part of this network, we are open for anyone that needs access to a person with experience and knowledge in the ecclesiastic ministry.
Who can be part of this Apostolic Network?
Intercession leaders, Music Ministers, Psalmists, Pastors, Evangelists, Masters (in accordance with Ephesians 4:11), Para-ecclesiastic Ministry Leaders, Christian Business Owners. Those persons that need to have this spiritual and prophetic help. 
Relation Levels:
It is required for you to give a monthly offering in accordance to the blessings that God has given you, as a gift of Love. 
Those brothers and sisters that have no denomination to which they belong, are free to give their tithes to the Apostolic Network, however, this is a decision that you and the Lord have to make, and only He will give account for that. 
Remember that this is a totally spiritual relationship.
Covenant Relationship:
*You will have access to interviews with the Apostle Idalmis Garcia, who will help you in your spiritual and ministerial growth. 
*You will receive the "Prophetic Word for the Current Year"
*You will be part of a group of people led to fast and pray in a more efficient way.
*You will receive a tri-monthly "newsletter" letting you know what is happening in the ministry.
*Once a year we will hold a "prophetic encounter", where everyone that belongs to the network is invited to join and receive teachings given by our teachers and prophets with an extensive ministerial trajectory. This prophetic encounter will have two days of workshops starting with a concert with international music ministers and will end with a service to glorify and praise our God of Glory together. Simply put, an injection of the Spirit where we can hear from the lips of apostles and prophets, the tools to broaden your territory.
This is the moment of Jesus' Church, it is the moment in which the Lord is moving to take His church to a new era, the five ministerial gifts are being imparted by the Holy Spirit to each servant of the Lord to exercise in this new time of the Apostolic and Prophetic. 
I know that those of you that after praying, send in your applications to join the Apostolic Network, will see God's blessing in your ministries, because the great and powerful God that we serve is preparing us for a new level of anointing for the ministry, this is a fresh anointing and needs of us to do something new. 
From now on I will be fasting and praying for you, and I am convinced that your lives are already being impacted by the message of glory and power that God is giving His churches through His prophets. 
We are attaching your application. The only thing you need to do is fill it out and we will make contact with you as soon as we receive it. 
God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.”  Psalms 67:1-2
In Christ's service,
Rev. Dr. Idalmis García


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