The Intercesory Prayer

In this contemporary society, our adversary has a Masters Degree in three things: the noise, the rush, and the multitudes. If he can keep us involved in the quantitative and in the lot, he will be satisfied. The psychiatrist C. G. Jung once said: "the running around is not of the devil", "IT IS THE DEVIL". Let us not get confused between noise and spiritual warfare, the running around with efficiency, and the multitude with a congregation.

If we wait to move above the superficial in our apostolic and prophetic culture, we will find out that being still and knowing He is God, works a lot better than anything else we have tried before. WE must learn to intercede within the internal world in contemplation, so that we get to understand and know much better the creation of God or what he has produced in each one of us.

Those involved in the religious discipline before us, have taught us what it means to hear God's silence as we enter into a new adventure in prayer, a new way in which to approach the Spirit and that is through contemplative prayer.

We have sinned from ignorance for too long; please understand what the Lord is saying through this. Thomas Merton said: "The true contemplative prayer is not a psychological game; it is a theology of grace.

The meditation within the discipline of prayer is not something apart from the word, we can see in some text of the Scriptures men and women of God meditating.

1) Genesis 24:63: "An Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide and lifted up his eyes, and saw and, behold, the camels were coming." It was in the midst of his time of meditation that Isaac could find love in his life.

2) Psalm 63:6: "He turn the sea into dry land; they went through the flood on foot; there did we rejoice in Him". In the midst of one of many deserts that David went through in his life, he could meditate in the Lord and found this to be his only relief.

3) Psalm 119:148: "Mine eyes prevent the night watches that I might meditate in thy word". David called onto God and found himself meditating and watchful in the middle of the night.

4) Psalm 1:2: "But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in hislaw doth he meditate day and night". The psalmist is nurtured through meditation in the Law of the Lord not only during the day but at night too, this helps him maintain his sanity and sanctity.

These were people near the heart of God. God spoke to them, not because they had any special abilities, but because they were willing to hear his "dabar", his prophetic voice in profound search while in intimacy with Him.

John, the beloved apostle, received his apocalyptic revelation through meditation. He had been trained by the Holy Spirit to listen to the voice of God and see his wonders through obedience to what that voice was establishing.

As an intercessor, the first thing we have to learn is how to stay still and know God, that is the way to enter into intimacy with Him so that we are one mind and one spirit with El Shaddai.

Now let me talk to you a few minutes with regards to understanding and know what goes further than prayer, this is the intercessory prayer:

Intercessory prayer is an adventure. One of the more clear examples of this is in the life of evangelists of the eighteen century: Jonathan Edwards who lived 1702 to 1758. In his 53 years of life, he left us an extraordinary legacy, how to get intimate with God through prayer. Because of his intercessory prayer an entire generation was impacted. When going through an evangelistic campaign, he would lock himself for three days to pray, when the time came to walked up to the pulpit, without saying a word, people would fall under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Intercessory prayer my friend converts you in a servant with eagle eyes, heart of a lion and feet of a deer.

* The eagle eyes allow you to see where the enemy is coming from.

* The heart of a lion will make you be feared in this jungle called earth; his ferocity will become that which makes the devil tremble. You will be respected by the enemy because of your intercessory prayer.

* Feet of a deer: It does not matter how you fall, you will always be standing because your feet will become pure steel.........

An intercessor has to have constant communication with God and is edified in justice and love, the anointing of this Third Day of the Lord will descend upon him or her life.

Your intercessory prayer will fight the good fight of the mind, and that is the place were the enemy establishes his battles against you, making your mind his territory.

Your intercessory prayer will take you to a matured character hence causing a multiplication of your anointing, protection and integrity.

"Hidden in Christ, we stand dressed with our armor of justice of God to pray, shout and do warfare against those against the throne of glory; principalities and power of the darkness. We submit ourselves to the authority, justice and form of government of God (kingdom) and we declare this same humanity, redemption, restoration and salvation for our sisters and brothers present.

Guided by the Spirit of God, we will be taken to another rank, as we discover strategy through prayer to conquer Satan and his followers, prince and strong man. We will walk our communities discerning, interceding, praying, claiming what is ours as we possession the earth." 

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