Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37:11  “Our bones are dry, our hope has gone; we are done for.”

Tiredness grounds me
Into a quiet stupor of the spirit.
I yearn to be inspired,
To be lifted up, set free
Beyond the place of deadness.
The struggle goes on, however
And you and I, God,
We exist together with seemingly
Little communion.
Yet, in the deepest part of me,
I believe in you,
Perhaps more strongly than ever.
I am leaning you
As a God of silence,
Of darkness, deep and strong,
I do not wrestle anymore,
Only wait, only wait,
For you to bring my dry bones into dancing once again.

Ezekiel is often referred to as a man who was a bit crazed. Personally, I identify with this prophet, especially his vision of a wide valley filled with dead, brittle, dried out bones.

I believe that “dry bones” feelings happen in most people’s lives at one time or another when there is confusion, carelessness, disorder.  It is part of human condition that God wants to eradicate. Problems at work that never cease, family demands or rebellious children, plans that keep going askew, bodies that ache with pain from lack of rest, can all create a dry bone condition. Life’s unexpected turns, extended illness or the eruption of harsh criticism from too many outside or inner voices can also lead us to the valley of lifelessness.

We use different images, but our words express the same feeling:
I feel like I am falling apart.
I don’t have my act together.
I just lost it today.
I am so broken up over this.
I came unglued.
Nothing seems to fit together for me.
I really feel wiped out.

The bones in Ezekiel’s valley needed muscle, skin, flesh, and breath to bring them together into life.  What do we need to hold our life together? What do we need to establish order in a day to day basis in that life?
On those days when we say, “Can these bones live?" We hear God’s command:  “Come from the four winds, breath; breathe on these dead, so that they come together in order to give life” and “the breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet…” Ezekiel 37:5, 9, 10.
What a wonderful vision of death being embraced by life.

It is not always easy to believe that there can be life waiting to dance in dry bones. But God is the one that brings those bones together. As we are restored, our family is restored, our finances are restored, our relationship with God is restored and our bones begin to dance.

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